Monday, September 10, 2012

our big trip: kolimbithres, loukoumades, varrias' home

 On August 22nd, we took a boat to a beach called Kolimbithres, that is known for it's sculptural rocks. We were the only ones on the boat ride to the beach, but not on the way back.  :)

 Approaching the rocks.

 Can't get over the water!  It was so pretty here!  We were really missing our boys during this outing & imagining how much fun they'd be having in the calm, shallow, warm water.  It would've been perfect for small children on this beach.  Reminding ourselves about the 9 & 3.5 hour plane rides helped when we wished we'd brought the boys.  ;)

 Cool rocks.

 Timer photo.

 Our boat for the ride back.

 Kenton found this hat in Athens & loved the way it fit.  He later forgot it at a cafe.  Sad.  But he sure looks nice in the photos!

 Kenton's turn to be behind the camera.

 Blue water.

 There is no shortage of cool boats!

White buildings.  Blue water.  Love it!

 We had to make a repeat stop at a little shop that sells Loukoumades.  They are like warm, crispy donut holes, covered in Nutella with vanilla ice cream.
So. Good.

 Cute streets.

 Weird shot, but you can see the yummy treats!

 We really liked the look of the cobble stone streets.

 Greek flags were decorating the town on this day.  It looked like an event might be happening, but we never found out what it was.

Later, we took a city bus to the town of Parikkia, where Dimitris lives with his family.  They prepared a traditional Greek dinner for us.

 Dimitris making Soutzoukakia - spicy meatballs in tomato sauce, served over rice with Greek yogurt -  with some help from his mother, Maria.

 His father, Aristides, made Greek salad that was "better than the restaurants serve!"  It was delicious.  He even taught us the trick to making raw onions edible (for us non-onion lovers).  :)

 Giant bottle of wine from their vineyard in Lefkes.  Yes, they made it themselves.  :P

 Mild peppers, wine, Greek salad.

 Aristides is also a very talented sculptor.

 We ate dinner on the front patio, but apparently I was too busy eating the delicious food to take any photos.  We also ate yummy desserts, but again, no photos.

 The Varrias family
Dimitris, Aristides, Maria & eldest son, Simos

 With Kenton!

 And me too!

 Dimitris showed us the custom Settlers of Catan board that he had made out of things he'd found in the sea.  Pretty, huh?  :)

Huge thanks to the Varrias family for opening up your home to us, feeding us delicious food & treating us so kindly.  We really had a lovely time!  :)

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