Sunday, September 2, 2012

work party

 On Saturday, July 21st, our Bible Study group did a yard work party at our house!

Here is a before shot of the area that needed to be weeded & covered in bark chips.  We also extended the chicken fence here.

 Another project was to weed & clear our this path to the back side of the shed...

 ...and to clear our behind the shed, where a compost pile has been buried by blackberry bushes.

 Looks fun, huh?

 Getting started.

 Frank took out the blackberry bushes with the weed whacker!

 Leveling out the ground behind the shed.

 Digging holes for the new fence posts.

 Bark chips have been laid & fence posts are set.

 Bark chips cover the path to the compost area.

 New pallet compost bins.

 So much room, when it's not covered in weeds!

 Looking good!  Kenton finished up the fence (mostly) in the next week!

 Celebrating a long day of hard work with smores in the fire bowl!

I got the extra huge marshmallows....definitely overkill.  I will be buying the regular sized ones from now on!  :P

Huge thanks to our friends for helping make our yard look so lovely!  :)  Like I said, we've got great friends!

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