Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ronan's birthday

We celebrated Ronan's birthday after church on July 29th with a surf/shark themed party!  Nice work, Gretchen!

A handful of Ronan's cousins.  :P

Josh built a huge slip n slide!

And a "kid-wash" too!

Shooting off pop bottle rockets...or something.  :P

Love the facial expressions in this one!

All of Ronan's cousins & brothers, lined up by birth order (mostly).
Audrey holding Tate, Tyler, Lydia, Sadie, Ronan, Dylan, Cohen, Finley, Ethan, Macey, Griffin, Emma & Cedar.

The birthday boy is 8!

Watching Ronan open gifts.

The best I could get out of Finn.  :P

Playing with Papa.

Opening the gift from us - a hoodie with built in speakers in the hood.

Wearing his new hoodie from us as he blows out his candle.  He had received an mp3 player from his parents for his birthday, so he was excited to try them out together!

Cool Tate, with his Uncles & Aunts watching close by.  :)

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