Monday, September 10, 2012

our big trip: nea kameni, palia kameni, thirassia, oia photoshoot

 On August 25th, we went on a guided volcano tour.

 Our view up.

 The volcano!

 Kenton on the boat.

 I love that we got to ride one of the pirate-ship-looking boats.  So pretty!

 Our first stop was on Nea (New) Kameni

 Our guide, "Mama Joy", was a local to Santorini & spoke Greek, English & French to three groups touring at the same time.  Amazing!  She was quite funny & told great stories!

 Timer photo.

 The yellow parts of the rocks were where we could see smoke rising & smell the sulfur.  This volcano is still active & last erupted in the 1950's.

 Another tourist took a photo for us.

 A view of Palia (Old) Kameni: our next stop.

 Self portrait.

 Hiking back down to our boat.

 Next we went to the hot springs at Palia Kameni.

 Several boats were stopped to let their passengers go for a quick swim.

 We jumped off the side of the boat & swam for the warm water.  It felt good, but a little slimy.  We preferred the refreshing sea water to the hot springs.  :)

 Our final stop was on the island of Thirassia, which used to be connected to Santorini before the eruption that destroyed the Minoan town, that we saw in Akrotiri.

 We ate Gyros & drank coffee at a table that was on the very edge of a dock.  We could throw food into the water & watch the fish go after it.

 After eating, we attempted to walk up the stairs to the main town.  

 We went a ways up, but stopped a lot for the view.

 Timer photo.

 The path was a bit stinky from donkey poo & it was pretty hot, so we went back down.

Such a cute port with amazing cliffs above!

 We walked along the water, looking for a place to stop & swim.

 Beautiful!  You can see the dark blue line that indicates where it drops off & gets super deep!  It kind of freaked us out, so we stayed in the lighter water.  :P

After we heard out boat sound its horn 4 times, we got back to the boat & returned to Oia.  We still had some good light before sunset, so we went for photo walk.  Oia is quite photogenic!  Here is the result:

Near that rock that is jutting out of the water is where we went to swim on the next day.

 Orange buildings!

 I'm quite fond of the stripes of the Greek flag!


 Kenton was particularly amused by this market that had nothing on the other side of this wall.  :P

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