Sunday, September 2, 2012

florence, oregon

Monday, July 2, 2012
 We celebrated the beginning of July (& Dad's week off from work) with a trip to the Oregon Coast!

 We realized this was the first time we had taken our kids to the coast without anyone else...just our family.  I guess we tend to go with other people.

 The weather was beautiful when we got there & got cloudier as the afternoon progressed.

It was so great to watch our boys enjoy the endless sand box & water feature that our natural coastline provides.  ;)

 They were so entertained for several hours!  It felt great to move at our own pace & let them enjoy the beach.

 There were a lot of driftwood forts built on this stretch of sand.

 Great for exploring!

 Getting a little more cloudy & a little cooler.

 Time for a quick warm up.

 "Self" family portrait!

 Handsome 5 1/2 year old!

 We walked around Florence & looked in shops for a while.

 Posing for Mama.

 Cool kite store!  We might've bought one, if we hadn't already spent time at the beach.

 We finished our day with dinner at Mo's.

 Happy faces.

 Silly faces.

More silly faces!

What a great family day!  We sure love these boys of ours.  We need to make time for the Oregon Coast more often - it's only about an hour away!  :)

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