Sunday, September 9, 2012

our big trip: more naoussa, santa maria, karina

Had to share photos of the blue doors & gates we saw on our walk through Naoussa to the post office.

And cute flower pots on the stairway.

Sending off post cards to our family.

 A common way for our bill to be delivered so that it could be protected from the wind.

 On our second day on Paros, we were moved to an upper apartment for the better view.  

 Kenton & I always joked that the flight of stairs was about 5 steps longer than we felt like it should be. We were always more winded than expected after the climb.  ;)

 We took a city bus to a beach called Santa Maria, then walked a ways down the road (at Dimitris' recommendation) to a less crowded beach.

 Crystal clear water.

 So beautiful!  The color of the water always took my breath away!

 Another adventure in eating dinner way too early!  We went out to a restaurant called Karina & ordered grilled octopus.

 They looked at us a little strange for ordering dinner at 5:30 pm (they normally eat dinner around 10 pm), but the grilled octopus was delicious!  Best seafood either of us had ever had!

Timer portrait on the beach side walk back to our apartment.

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