Monday, September 17, 2012

tot soccer

 Tonight, Cedar got to play soccer!

 He's been watching everyone else play sports his whole life & it was finally his turn to go to soccer practice!

 We signed him up for Tot Soccer, for 3 & 4 year olds.

 I took way too many photos!  But in my defense, the light was really pretty & they let the parents follow the kids I was able to get up close.  Anyway, I had fun!  :P

 Cedar did better than I expected with staying focused & following the group.

 He really likes kicking the ball!

 Go Cedar!  Shoot the ball!

 Big smile!  He told me, "Mama, I'm really good!"  :)

 Nice kick!

 Cedar chose a gray shirt.

 Following directions.

 Ready for a game!

 Run away from the monster!

 It was pretty hot today & I could tell that Cedar was losing steam as the hour came to a close.

 He took a few more reminders to know what to do & was moving much slower...

 ...until the parent tunnel!  

All the parents line up & make a huge, long tunnel for the kids to run through at the end of practice.  Pretty fun!  

I was impressed that they worked on dribbling, throwing, trapping & shooting the ball.  So much fun!  And all the stations were run by the middle school girl's soccer players, which was pretty funny on it's own.  Clearly, not all of them know how to explain rules of a game to a three year old, but they still did great!  :)

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What a cutie!