Monday, September 10, 2012

our big trip: paros to santorini, oia, sunset

 On August 23rd, we said our goodbyes to our new friend, Dimitris.  What a blessing to experience Paros through his eyes.  We will never forget how kind & generous he was & are so thankful for the stories he told & the experiences he gave us.  Thank you, Dimitris!

 We rode the ferry to Santorini, with plenty of time to read & eat.  We made stops at the islands of Naxos & Ios, which was great since we didn't end up visiting those islands.

 Passing the town of Oia, where we would be staying during our time on Santorini.

 Huge wake of the ferry!

 Passing the volcano.

 We arrived in the port of Athinios & followed the crowd to city buses that were taking tourists to the town of Fira.  We tried to imagine we were on a ride at Disneyland, as the bus made its way up the steep, narrow, windy road.  Yikes!  It travelled so high up the cliff that our ears popped!  From Fira, we hopped on another bus to Oia & were so thankful when we could see our hotel from the bus station.  Yay!  We made it safe & sound!

 After settling in to our room, we walked straight to this view point, then walked around Oia to familiarize ourselves with the beautiful town.

 We ate at a restaurant called Papagalos at the very good recommendation of our new host, Stavros.  This was our view from our table.

 Self portrait at "lunch"or "dinner" - we still had a hard time conforming to European meal times.

 We wandered around looking for a nice place to watch the sunset.

 We were amazed by how early people staked their claim on sunset watching space along the streets.

 Pretty bells.

 The path down to the port of Oia.


 We stopped to rest...

 ...and take photos.

 So many people, hanging off buildings...waiting for the sun to set.

 It was very bright & quite hot!

 I cut my many sunset photos down to just two.

Thought you'd appreciate that.  ;)

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